To Travel is to Live !!


This is the story of my journey.

This is where I share my experiences from numerous trips around India and Abroad. If you haven’t seen the world, you haven’t lived.

Here are a few of my adventures






Colombia – 7 hours at Bogota


Machu Picchu 1

Machu Picchu – In Pursuit of Inca Legacy

Rainbow Mountains

Rainbow Mountain – Nature’s Canvas







Peru –  Bolivia

Isla del sol_feat

Lake Titicaca – Across the Borders



Salt Flats 1

Salar de Uyuni – The World’s Mirror



Iceland – A Road Trip to the Land of Fire and Ice (Part 1)

Jökulsárlón Glacier cover

Iceland – Road Trip to the Land of Fire and Ice (Part 2)










California Zephyr – A Cross-country train ride



Rann of Kutch - The White  Desert

Rann of Kutch – The White Desert


Jodhpur - The Blue City

1. Jodhpur – The Blue City

Jaisalmer - The Golden City

2. Jaisalmer – The Golden City

Mt. Abu - Oasis in the Hills

3. Mt. Abu – The Oasis in the Hills

Udaipur - City of Lakes

4. Udaipur – The City of Lakes















Dehradun/ Mussoorie - The Queen of Hills

1. Dehradun/ Mussoorie – The Queen of Hills

Kedarnath - The Char Dham

2. Kedarnath – The Char Dham Yatra

Badrinath - The Char Dham (Upcoming)

3. Badrinath – The Char Dham








Ladakhi Landscape

Ladakh – The Desert in the Skies








Golden temple

1. Amritsar – The Jewel of Punjab

Dhauladhar mountain ranges

2.Dharamshala/Mcleodganj – The Little Lhasa








The Bodhi Tree

1. Bodh Gaya – Seeking Enlightenment

Ruins of Nalanda

2. Rajgir – The House of the King

The Ghats

3. Varanasi – The Oldest Living City








Mahabodhi Temple

1. Naturally Nepal – The Beginning

Pashupathinath Temple

2. Kathmandu Valley – A Fine Blend of Old and New

Patan Durbar Square

3. Kathmandu – Spiritual and Alive

Phewa Lake at dusk

4. Pokhara – The Jewel of the Mid-West

Annapurna Range

5. Pokhara – The Adventure Paradise

Welcome to India

6. Naturally Nepal – The Way Back














Western Temples

Khajuraho – Sensual and Sublime


Allahabad – Maha Kumbh Mela

The ganges

Rishikesh – Adventure Unleashed


Coronation Bridge

Bagdogra – Along the Borders

Indo - Sino Border

Nathula Pass – The Indo-Sino Border

Lakshadweep – The Coral Paradise

Upcoming Posts

  • South America

and many more….


35 thoughts on “To Travel is to Live !!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your idea of sharing your travels. I’ll make sure to stop by often and see what other amazing places you’ve seen.

  2. I agree, to travel is to live and sharing those travels with other people makes you look back and appreciate it a bit more!!

    • Thank You…:)
      I wish I had started writing a lot earlier. But anyway, it doesn’t matter.
      I always travel whenever I get free time…

  3. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. Loved your travel philosophy!

  4. biochick

    Can’t wait for the Kashmir post, after I read “Midnight’s Children” I’ve been wanting to go.

  5. hello, im wondering about the Khajuraho to Raneh Falls trip.. how much is the roundtrip hire for that auto rickshaw? Is it safe to travel that far alone and female? can you recommend your guide there to me? Il be going there this March29,2013

    • The auto round fare was Rs.500 to Raneh Falls.
      I did see a lot of ladies travelling alone. But, I’d suggest not to travel after the sunset. Day times are ok. Also, since Khajuraho is a famous tourist destination, people are really helpful and friendly.
      Its compulsory to have a guide in Raneh falls and your entry ticket takes care of the guide fare. One of many guides there will join you, when you reach the place.

      Hope this was helpful.
      Have a great trip and have fun… 🙂


  6. Really nice idea with all the trips neatly presented! Your blog looks lovely and invites to read your stories. We will be back 🙂

  7. Hi Jibu, I wanted to thank you for reading my post.

  8. girish b nair

    Hai jibu i got to know about u & ur relentless passion for traveling from Jose sir himself when we travelled together to home town last week.(i also work in sib cmbtr)as i also have a flare to do journeys we spent a good time in immense discussion.then he told about ur blog& i visited your narrative on Nepal.truly its amazing to feel the places i visited there again appearing in a vivid & candid words.dear friend u had done a fine effort and it gives much pleasure recalling ktmndu,the Majestic Himalayas at pokhra thesunrise of nagarkot through mount Dhaulagiri the bhaktapur terracotta town the nice people delicious food all.thanks i desire to visit holy Badrinath & kedarnath.kindly give some info about it.if u feel free kindly contact me in my mob 919787945706 as i can’t frequently use net.regards Girish b Kottayam.

  9. Ajin

    Super da….

  10. Mohanan.I

    Dear Jibu,

    All the best for your PhD programme. You can continue your travel in that area also.


  11. CrazyGuyinThailand

    Cool blog.

  12. Toms

    Nice Blog,u got excellent writing skills…keep going!!!!!!

  13. Jose Thomas

    Hai, Very good. Keep it up

  14. Recently saw cheap tickets to Iceland may be b/c no one goes in winter. Got nice virtual visit.
    I am from neighboring state nc.

    • Thank you
      In winter, Northern Lights is the main attraction in Iceland. It’s not possible to do a road trip due to snow, and also there is just a couple of daylight hours

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